Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you build?

At the moment we are taking on new clients in Cherokee, Bartow, and Pickens County

What should I expect from my builder?

Honesty and Communication! Those are the most important thing you can expect. I guarantee that if somebody had a problem with a builder it is almost always related to poor communication. No build is perfect and people make mistakes. But our promise to you is that we will always be upfront and honest and do everything possible to keep you informed and involved in the process.

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Do I need to own a lot before I contact you?

Most people do not have a lot purchased before they find a builder. In fact, you may be limiting yourself on the type of home that you can build if you already have a lot. We are happy to look at any lot that you are interested in to tell you if it will work with the plan that you like.

Can I save money building my own house?

Probably not. We are able to get better prices than the average consumer and our experience could save you thousands. Building a house is not easy and it only take a couple mistakes to quickly eat up the savings from not paying a builder.

Can I build a custom home if I still need to sell my current home?

Yes, in fact most people are in this situation. Our lenders can talk to you about a variety of options where you can start building before you sell.

Can you help me sell me current home?

Yes, and for a reduced commission to save you some money. Ashley Donnelly specializes in new construction and working with our buyers to sell their home while we build your new one.

Do I need to have a floor plan picked out before I meet with you?

While it is helpful to have a plan in mind, it is not required. We have several homes that you can see from our previous builds that you can choose from. We will also help you search through the thousands of available plans online to find one that fits your budget. You can also work with our architect to draw a plan from scratch if you cant find one that you like.


Can you modify my plans or do I need to hire an architect?

We can typically make minor changes to your plan without having to pay an architect.

How much does it cost to build a custom home?

Obviously that will depend on what you want to build. But most of our current clients have budgets starting at $400,000 and up. Building a custom home is not cheap but the return is well worth it.

What is you cost per square foot?

This is the most common question that people think they need to ask a builder. The simple answer is that we can’t give you a cost per square foot because every house is different. The cost of your home will totally depend on the finishes that you want not just the size of the home. This would be like comparing a Honda to Ferrari. While both may have models that are similar in size and weight, the price is significantly different for a reason.

How much do you charge for the Builder’s Fee

Our fee is fixed based on 12%-15% of the Hard Cost (material and labor) of the home. We set this fee before you sign a contract and it will never change even if you decide to make changes to the allowances in your budget. For example, we don’t add another 15% to our fee if you decide you want to spend more on lighting than you originally planned on. This is why we are different than the “cost plus” method.

What kind of finishes can I select for my home

Anything you want! Most of your big builders take you to their sales office and show you the 3 or 4 options that you have for flooring, lighting, tile, paint, etc.. That takes all of the fun out of building. We sit down with you and get an idea of the style you are going for and then set a budget that we think you can stay in. Then it is up to you find what you like. We give you a list of our vendors and then you can go pick whatever you like. If you spend more than we put on the budget you simply pay the difference. We do not upcharge and make money off of your selections. Don’t worry we can help you with the interior design as well!

How long does is take to build?

It typically takes 5-6 months to build a home once we get a building permit. Obviously weather and more complicated plans may take a little longer but your builder will update you at least once a week.

Do you work with any lenders that can help me?

We work with several local lenders who can provide you every option available to build a home. Some of them will also give you money towards closing costs! Contact us for a list of our preferred lenders.

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

Of course not. Give us a call, email, text message anytime. Trust me when I tell you the best part of our day is talking to new people who have the same passion for homes that we do.

Can I change my selections after we start building

Yes, in fact most of our clients won’t even make selections until after their home is being built. We get a basic idea of what you want when we do the budget but we do not expect you to know the exact finishes (lights, tile, granite, paint, etc.) that you want before you can even see the room that they are going in.

Can I work with my current Realtor

We are more than happy to work with Realtors on our custom homes and our spec homes. With a spec homes we pay your agent the standard 3% commission on the base sales price. For custom builds when the client carries the construction loan, we will happily work with your agent and pay them a referral fee based on the contract.

How much do I need to put down up front to start my home?

We typically require a $20k-$30k construction deposit when you sign the contract. This money is applied towards your down payment at the end when you go to the closing. You are simply paying it upfront instead of at the closing. This money is used by the builder to cover the expenses of building your home. The builder is paid in draws by the lender after they inspect the home for your protection. These draws will not always cover the construction costs depending on the stage of construction and the lenders draw schedule. This deposit provides necessary cash flow to fund the construction of your home.

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